El Viento Flamenco
... because one must have joy in ones' life !

Kuensel Online
... find out what's going on in Bhutan, the greatest little nation in the world

Peter Lieberson
... because he's a brilliant composer who dares to work in the tiger-lion-garuda-dragon vision.

National Film board of Canada
... without them we wouldn't be making films

Nova Scotia Sea School
... teenagers rule, and don't forget who pays the nursing home bills

Siddhartha's Intent
... one of the most quietly seditious pages on the web, and home to a magician

Shambhala International
... so you wanna be a Boo-dist?

Travelers and Magicians
... Khyenste Norbus' latest film, set in the greatest little nation in the world [ see above }

M. Lee Cohen, Q.C.
dedicated exclusively to immigration, refugees and human rights.

Louise Rodd - tarot reader
extraordinaire, this girl could be your best friend in Bodhgaya

The Elizabeth Fry Society
Everyone needs to be loved. An advocacy group for prisoners rights

Amnesty International
Human rights, the most important issue of this century !

Peacemaker Institute of Colorado
... Imagine