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GENERATION XXL - Gemini Nominee

Vincent is addicted to fast food, Greg hides behind his jokes, Kat searches for herself in beauty products, and bullied Raya retreats to her room. All are part of growing number of teens who are obese or overweight. .... (more)


From Harry Potter onwards, or backwards for that matter, there is a common yearning for a year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or to find one's personal Merlin who might help one pull the sword from the stone. .... (more)


This documentary is the story of a man who works within one of the most secret and powerful institutions in Canada. He believes this institution is riddled with ignorance, and consequently its activities often lead to tragedy... (more)

LOYALTIES - Canada Award. Hot Docs winner.

They had known each other only a few months when they discovered their lives were intertwined in the most taboo of connections..... (more)

THE VOICE SET FREE - Gemini Winner

This is a story about a human being lost amidst some of the most neurotic scenery available in our time, that of Corrections Canada.... (more)

WARRIOR SONGS - Banff Rockie Nominee

The legendary Tibetan warrior-king, Gesar of Ling, is brought to life in this sweeping operatic interpretation of an ancient Asian saga.... (more)