They had known each other only a few months when they discovered their lives were intertwined in the most taboo of connections. American Dr. Ruth Whitehead met Canadian graduate student Carmelita Robertson when the younger woman came to do research at the Museum of Natural History. Over lunch Carmelita mentioned that her relatives had come to Nova Scotia from South Carolina in the late 1700s. As she spoke her ancestral names, Ruth shivered at the strange familiarity. Her ancestors had come from South Carolina too.

Ruth and Carmelita decide to embark on a journey to Charleston in search of the roots of their connection. This provocative undertaking takes them to a modern South where the Klan still holds sway, and is in fact on trial for burning black churches. Beneath the dense foliage of the plantations, in the sweltering heat of white patronage and black forbearance, the two women, each in her own way, come to terms with the thunderous cruelty of the past.

Loyalties won the Canada Award at the Gemini’s; Best Social Issue Award at Hot Docs, Golden Sheaf at Yorkton, Bronze Award at World Fest Houston, and…. voted "One of the 10 Best Documentaries of 2000" by the American Film Institute.

Pre-sold to the CTV Network, Vision TV, the Independent Film Channel.
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