Generation XXL

Vincent is addicted to fast food, Greg hides behind his jokes, Kat searches for herself in beauty products, and bullied Raya retreats to her room. All are part of growing number of North American teens who are obese or overweight.

Intimate, funny and character driven, Generation XXL follows four teens as they confront their pounds and themselves. As the kids struggle against fast food, computers, video games, soda pop, parents and peer pressure, we learn that weight loss is more complex then simply getting off the couch.

As part of their process, the kids attend a Fit Intervention Camp, but this is no "fat camp!". Instead, the kids are taught to analyze and understand habitual patterns in themselves and the society in which they live. As the program evolves we witness the inner thoughts and feelings of what it feels like to be an overweight teen and get a unique look on weight loss and the people behind it.

Exposed in their hopes, dreams and clothing, the kids act as heroes, allowing us to see the complexities of obesity and raise serious questions about society’s response to the extra large. Directed by Teresa MacInnes, Cinematographer Kent Nason.

Awards Winner - Sprocket International Childrens' Festival of Toronto

Winner - Viewfinders

Presold for primetime broadcast on CBC