This documentary is the story of a man who works within one of the most secret and powerful institutions in Canada. He believes this institution is riddled with ignorance, and consequently its activities often lead to tragedy. He believes this so profoundly, he has made it his life's work to bear witness. Enter M. Lee Cohen. As we meet him he is in the midst of representing several controversial refugee claims. These cases are a vehicle to explore two things: Cohen, and his nemesis, the Department of Canadian Immigration and Refugee Claims. There is a price to bearing witness. The job is highly underpaid, the hours are long, one's personal life is non-existent. You regularly receive death-threats, and there is the more subtle threat of disbarment for personal involvement with your clients. Your clients are beset with ills beyond reckoning, and in the dark hours of the night you are haunted by the fact your cases are the only ones in Canada which can end in a death penalty.

Pre-sold to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.